The Best Septic System for Bellingham and Whatcom County

Imagine crystal clear, odor free water. This water that is not from a lake or a stream. This water comes from an revolutionary new alternative septic system. You can believe it or not, but this water starts as sewage and ends up cleaner than surface water.

Families all over the Pacific Northwest including, Bellingham and Whatcom County areas are discovering the Glendon Biofilter septic system. These are for new construction or repair or replacement of an existing failed system.

Do you have a failing septic system or are calling for septic pumping in bellingham far too often. It may be time to get an evaluation by our professionals.

This system can be installed in little or no native soil and needs no traditional drain field, and no disinfectants or clorine. It also requires less space and all these benefits are realized by you at a cost that is competitive to a traditional system.

The Glendon Biofilter system has a ten year history and has proven itself to be a long term solution. The water produced by traditional systems literally pale in comparison to the water from the Glendon system. The water is so clean it will not clog native soil and minimize the chance of ever needing cost replacement.

The Glendon filter is very reliable. Installers can attest that over the past 10 years they have never had one fail.

How does the Glendon Biofilter Septic work?

Glendon Biofilter M-31 Illustration

The Glendon Biofilter septic system is a type of aerobic septic system that uses a living filter bed to treat wastewater. There is a concrete box that is open at the top. The filter bed is made up of a variety of materials, including wood chips, sand, and gravel. These materials provide a home for bacteria and other microorganisms that break down the wastewater. Wastewater is pumped down into the bed and flows upward towards the medium.

Over the box is also a layer of sand. Capillary action will bring the water up and over the top of the rim of the box to interact with the layer of sand on top of the box. Basically, the water is moving upwards through the capillary and at the same time converting the water into a thin film which is spread around the perimeter of the modular.

One yard of sand has a surface area of about a football field. There are about 10 yards of sand around each M-31 unit. So if you think about this, it is like spreading a cup of water over a football field. It is mixing air, earth and bacteria. By the time it reaches the original soil it is crystal clear water.

The treated wastewater is then discharged into the surrounding soil.

It is for Commercial and Residential Installations

Not exactly a riviting topic of conversation but the system is so good it is used by the Washington State ferry terminal and treats 100% of their sewage.

In Washington State the Glendon system is legal for new construction housing and commercial sites with residential strength waster water. The system works where others won’t. This is in as little as one foot of native soil. Just one foot above the water table.

For septic system repairs the Glendon is legal with no original native soil. Because the Glendon meets treatment standard 1. This is Washington States highest standard without disinfection. The system is also legal for repairs with no setback from the beach

While other systems produce inconsistant water that is at times clean and dirty at others, the Glendon provides consistent clean water.

Where is the drain field?

This is a common question. It is only the native soil. Right around the area surrounding the unit. There is no gravel or pipe required and no trenching. Only the native soil. Sizing is simple. One glendon unit is required for each bedroom. The capicity can be sized from 90 to 525 gallons per day by using appropriately sized basins and absorption areas.

Here are some of the benefits of using a Glendon Biofilter septic system:

  • More environmentally friendly
  • More effective in treating wastewater
  • Easier to maintain than traditional systems
  • Can be used in areas with poor soil conditions

If you are considering a new septic system install in Bellingham or all of our surrounding cities like lynden, Ferndale, Birch Bay, Blaine, Sumas and Everson, the Glendon Biofilter system is a great option to consider. It is a more environmentally friendly, effective, and easy-to-maintain system that can be used in a variety of situations.